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Seafood Specials are shipped overnight. Seafood Specials delivery is guaranteed to arrive by the next day, Most seafood is still frozen for an extra day.

Order your seafood special by12:00 to ensure seafood delivery next day. Plan ahead, and make sure any holiday seafood gift order is made early, otherwise order a seafood gift certificate for online delivery in minutes!

Alaskan Salmon Delivered
Wild Alaskan Salmon Shipped Direct from Alaska.Buy Wild Alaskan Salmon online.

Wild Copper River Salmon Reservations!

Buy Wild Alaskan Salmon delivered direct from Alaska. Order wild Alaska smoked salmon online. Alaskan Salmon is rich in Omega 3 oils. This wild salmon will ship in insulated seafood boxes direct from Kenai, Alaska. Buy wild salmon fillets direct from processing for fresh salmon and wild caught seafood for your special gourmet dinner.

Smoked Salmon Gifts 
Smoked Salmon Gifts Delivered
Alaskan Smoked Salmon Gift packs & wild salmon combinations to choose from. No preservatives, coloring, oils or artificial ingredients are ever added to this wild Smoked Sockeye Salmon.

Smoked Salmon GiftsThis is the highest quality wild smoked salmon available on the market. It makes a healthy gift, and goes great on any buffet table. Shipped direct from Alaska, wild smoked salmon gifts make a great impression for friends, family and business associates. See our Corporate Smoked Salmon Gifts to learn how to send this healthy gift to everyone on your gift list.

Seafood Gift Certificates:
Seafood Gift Certificates have 2 delivery options. Unless you request otherwise, we will mail via USPS Priority mail, which will usually arrive 2-3 days after they are ordered.

The second option is to deliver to an email address! These Electronic Gift Certificates are emailed within minutes, 7 days a week, from 6 A.M. to11:30 PM PST, email delivery takes anywhere between a few seconds and up to a couple of hours. A perfect way  to send a last minute gift! Recipients can redeem them online or toll free at 1-888-355-2747.

Seafood Gift Baskets 
Order Smoked Salmon Gift Baskets filled with Alaskan favorites, from Smoked Salmon, to Seafood Spreads, to gourmet special salmon cutting knives and other Alaskan Seafood Gift ideas. These Gift Baskets will impress the recipient with high quality content, and beautiful presentation. Try the "Ulu"  Smoked Salmon Gift for a traditional Native American Gift Basket direct from Alaska.

See our Corporate Gift page for details on sending baskets as a holiday corporate gift.

Made from the finest Smoked Salmon available on the Alaskan Seafood market, there are no preservatives, coloring, oils or artificial ingredients added to this Wild Smoked Salmon Gifts.

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