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The state of Alaska has the most productive Seafood waters in the world. Seafood Processors ship wild Alaska salmon gifts, including fresh seafood, frozen seafood and smoked wild salmon., has resources that are certified to use wild caught seafood, always from Alaska, and also sustainable. All of the wild Alaskan Seafood products you reviewed are Wild Caught, and shipped direct from Kenai, Alaska at the Fisherman's Wharf.

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Seafood Gifts are shipped overnight via FedEx priority. Alaskan seafood delivery is guaranteed to arrive by the next day, and is usually still frozen for easy storage. Most seafood gift packs are still frozen for an extra day.

Order your seafood gift by12:00 to ensure seafood delivery next day. Plan ahead, and make sure any holiday seafood gift order is made early, otherwise order a seafood gift certificate for online delivery in minutes!

Frozen Seafood Gifts
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Order a flash frozen seafood gift direct from processing in Kodiak Alaska! Seafood gifts filled with the finest gourmet wild seafood, flash frozen for safety & quality. Frozen Seafood Gifts are well insulated & shipped overnight, but should be refrigerated ASAP upon arrival.

Seafood Gift Baskets
Seafood Gift Baskets - Smoked Salmon Gift Baskets

Order a seafood gift basket filled with wild smoked salmon & Alaskan seafood treats. Our gourmet Seafood Gift Baskets contain grade 1 Alaskan wild smoked salmon. Seafood gift baskets are Non-Perishable until opened.

Seafood Gift Certificates

Seafood Gift Certificates have 2 delivery options. USPS Priority mail, which usually arrives 2-3 days after ordered. Option 2 is Email. Within minutes, 7 days a week, from 6 A.M. to11:30 PM PST, email delivery takes between a few seconds and a couple of hours.

Smoked Salmon Gifts

Smoked Salmon Gift Boxes with wild grade 1 Alaskan Sockeye Salmon. Smoked Salmon Wood Totem Gift Box on Special! All of our smoked salmon is Kosher. Order smoked salmon by the case and save money!
Smoked Salmon Gifts are Non-Perishable until opened.

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