Copper River King Salmon 
Order Wild Alaska Copper River King Salmon online for guaranteed Wild Alaskan Copper River Sockeye Salmon direct from Processing.

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Copper River Wild Salmon is shipped overnight via FedEx priority. Alaskan seafood delivery is guaranteed to arrive by the next day, and is usually still frozen for easy storage. Most seafood gift packs are still frozen for an extra day.

Order your copper River Salmon early to ensure delivery in the middle of May. Plan ahead, and make sure any holiday seafood gift order is made early, otherwise order a seafood gift certificate for online delivery in minutes!

Flash Frozen Alaskan Wild Salmon
Caught within a few miles of processing for the Freshest, highest quality Alaskan salmon available, this wild salmon travels no supply chain, and avoids the punishing evaporation and refreezing that occur if it were traveling from broker to broker. Caught, drained and chilled immediately, just long enough to firm the meat enough to pull the bones, the salmon is hand filleted and sealed individually in industrial strength freezer bags before being flash frozen and stored in state of the art frost free freezers until we ship it to you. Try Flash Frozen Wild Salmon direct from processing to your door and taste the difference!

Fresh Copper River King Salmon
Copper River King Salmon are the number one salmon in the State of Alaska, and the entire world. The Alaska Copper River King Salmon, AKA the Chinook, hasn't an equal in quality and flavor. They are the first wild salmon on the market and are in high demand. Copper River Wild Salmon journey up the rugged Copper River, and must store extra fat and oils in order to make this long journey. This high fat and oil content is why they are the best tasting and highest quality salmon available.  This is Fresh, Wild Copper River Salmon shipped overnight from Alaska to your door. Reserve now, supply is always limited.


Copper River Salmon
The May opening of the wild Copper River Salmon Runs in Alaska is a date all chefs and backyard BBQ enthusiasts wait for each year. Reservations for Fresh Copper River Salmon from the 2006 opening catch are being taken now. Copper River King Salmon & Sockeye Salmon are the number one salmon in the State of Alaska, and the entire world. There is no equal for quality, flavor and demand. The Wild Copper River Sockeye and Copper River King Salmon fetch the highest prices of any Alaskan Salmon because they are the first wild salmon on the market, and are sought after by an international marketplace.  

Buy Copper River Quality
Wild Alaskan Salmon stop feeding when they hit the fresh waters on their journey upriver to spawn. The Copper River is one of the longest and most rugged in all of Alaska. Therefore, Copper River Wild Salmon must store extra fat and oils in order to make this long journey. This high fat and oil content is why Copper River Wild Salmon are the best tasting and highest quality salmon available. No extra oils, colors or preservatives have been added. The high oil content of our Copper River Salmon contain the highest levels naturally occurring Omega-3 fatty acids. Recent wild salmon Nutritional Studies proven that these healthy oils help reduce heart disease and lower cholesterol. Copper River Salmon is high in nutrients and is an excellent source of complete protein and all the essential amino acids.

Copper River Salmon Processing
With processing facilities in both Cordova and Anchorage, Alaska, and through the success of the Alaska salmon industry, Copper River Salmon has become available to you, the consumer, direct from processing to any location in the United States. Flown overnight from Alaska, fresh salmon must be handled correctly, and when you order wild salmon direct, the lack of supply chain handling makes a big difference. Rushed to state of the art processing facilities, wild Copper River Salmon is immediately chilled until the meat is just firm enough to successfully remove the bones. When ordered fresh, the King fillets are a beautiful 7 lb. average, while the Sockeye comes in at delicate 1 to 1.5 lb. fillets. Flash Frozen salmon fillets are smaller (King: 1 - 1,5 lb., Sockeye: 10 - 14 oz.). and each fillet is individually vacuum sealed in industrial strength freezer bags for ease of storage. Our Flash Frozen Copper River Salmon is the highest quality salmon available when the salmon are not running. Kept in high tech. state of the art freezers, this salmon will arrive to you with all of the essential oils and juices locked in back when the salmon was processed.

Copper River Salmon Delivered
Recognized as the premier direct to consumer retailer of Alaskan seafood & Wild Copper River Salmon, is proud to bring you the finest wild Alaskan Salmon available, and we continually strive to maintain our goal of 100% customer satisfaction. Wild salmon is our specialty, and our attention to detail and quality is also what makes your reliable source Copper River Salmon and other top grade Alaskan Salmon and Seafood. Expertly wrapped and packed in clean, well insulated boxes, your package is NOT cooled with dry ice, which can damage the exposed meat on fresh salmon orders. Disposable ice gel packs are used to ensure you receive the best wild salmon delivered with each purchase. Subscribe to our Copper River Salmon RSS Feed to get wild salmon market specials.

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