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Alaskan Jumbo Kodiak Scallops & Seafood direct from processing in Kodiak Alaska!
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Wild Alaskan Salmon is shipped overnight via FedEx priority. Alaskan seafood delivery is guaranteed to arrive by the next day, and is usually still frozen for easy storage. Most seafood gift packs are still frozen for an extra day.

Order your Alaskan Salmon early to ensure delivery in this summer. Plan ahead, and make sure any holiday seafood gift order is made early, otherwise order a seafood gift certificate for online delivery in minutes!

Jumbo Kodiak Scallops
Alaskan Scallops

Our Jumbo Scallops come from Kodiak Island and at 10 - 20 / lb., they are extremely large and full of flavor. The same snow white scallops that only Wild Alaskan Seafood Shipped Direct Can supply!  These select Jumbo Kodiak Scallops are sent in perfectly clean 1 lb. IQF flash frozen freezer bags. each each Jumbo Scallop is individually quick frozen (IQF, so you can easily pick the ones to use, and store the rest.  

Alaskan Prawns
Alaskan Prawns

These Alaskan Spot Prawns are super sweet and have supreme texture, as well as being exceptionally large and juicy! Caught wild in Southeastern Alaska.

Available in 1-2 pound bags. Prawns are uncooked and headless, immediately flash frozen at processing.  

Alaska King Crab Recipes
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Alaska King Crab
King Crab is appropriately named, and gives an image of true gourmet, offering such widespread consumer appeal. Unmatched for its sweet flavor and rich, tender texture. Alaska King Crab is "King of the Alaska Seafood Market".

Enjoy Versatility with Alaska King Crab
A King Size Entree, Alaska King Crab is versatile and gives grandeur to any menu. As a chef, Take advantage of Alaska King Crab's versatility, bold appearance and rich flavor, and use it for gourmet appetizers, entrees, soups and salads.
traditionally served with melted butter, Alaska King Crab legs have recently been discovered tp be a source for innovative preparations including serving Alaska King Crab poached with a roasted garlic tartar sauce. Alaska King Crab brings increased value to your menu.

Consistent King Crab Quality
The rugged, early winter seas of the North Pacific and Bering Sea are where the fishermen have to go to catch Alaska King Crab. Once harvested, Alaska King Crab is transported live to processing plants, where it is cleaned, cooked and immediately frozen to preserve its superior quality and natural, fresh-caught flavor and texture. Since Alaska King Crab is cleaned and pre-cooked, it is ready to serve after thawing. This year King Crab season was only 4 days long, yielding over 14 million pounds of Red King Crab. Don't be fooled, RED KING CRAB is not cheap, but it is the BEST King Crab available! Alaska King Crab is always available fresher-frozen throughout the year in a variety of convenient product forms, from whole or split legs and claws to selected portions. Alaska's state-of-the-art freezing and processing technology, employed within hours of harvesting, ensures a consistent, high-quality product by preserving Alaska King Crab's sweet flavor, rich, tender texture and snow white meat, edged in red.

Alaska King Crab is low in fat and calories, and it is a light and healthy source of high-quality protein.

Serving size: 3 oz. -- Cooked Edible Portion

Calories 82
Protein 16.45g
Total Fat 1.31g
Saturated 0.113g
Monounsaturated 0.157g
Polyunsaturated 0.456g
Carbohydrates 0g
Sodium 911mg
Iron 0.640mg
Cholesterol 45mg

(source: USDA Handbook #8)

King Crab Recipes:

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Guaranteed to be the highest quality Wild Alaskan Seafood, this is Alaskan Wild Salmon,  shipped directly from Alaskan Kenai peninsula, overnight to any location in America. Order Wild Salmon for your Gourmet Dinners, or Wild Smoked Salmon for your Seafood Buffet. Everything we sell is 100% unconditionally guaranteed. Buy from the world famous Alaskan Wild Salmon Run & taste the freshest Alaskan Seafood available on the market. For fresher Alaskan Seafood you need a boat!

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