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Red Alaska King Crab ... The King of Alaskan Seafood, Direct from Alaska! 

The state of Alaska has the most productive king crab harvest in the world. Seafood Processors ship king crab legs, including fresh seafood, frozen seafood and smoked wild salmon. Salmon Delivered .com, has resources that are certified to use wild caught seafood, always from Alaska, and also sustainable. All of the wild Alaskan King Crab Legs products reviewed are Wild Caught, and shipped direct from Alaska.

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Red King Crab Legs are shipped overnight via FedEx priority. Red King Crab Legs  delivery is guaranteed to arrive by the next day, and is usually still frozen for easy storage. Most seafood gift packs are still frozen for an extra day.

Order your King Crab Legs by12:00 to ensure delivery next day. Plan ahead, and make sure any holiday crab legs gift box order is made early, otherwise order a seafood gift certificate for online delivery in minutes!

King Crab Legs
King Crab Direct

Alaska Red King Crab
Caught in Bristol Bay and Norton Sound. Red king crab is sought after and in strong demand from consumers around the world. Alaska's largest harvest of red king crab is in Bristol Bay. Over 100 crabbers get millions of pounds in 2 to 3 months. Red king crab are actually a dark burgundy in color until cooked.

Once cooked king crab turns bright red. The meat is white, with edges of bright red. In King Crab season, restaurants offer red king crab as a high priced menu item.

Blue King Crab
Caught around St. Matthew Blue King Crab is known for sweet meat large crab claws. Blue king crab are some of the largest crab in the world. Until cooked, blue king crab is brown. Once Blue King Crab is cooked it will turn a bright red. Blue king crab is mot a true red king crab but is a tasty, slightly milder variety of King Crab.

Golden King Crab
Caught in  the Alaskan Aleutian water, golden king crab is smaller than red king crab and blue king crab. Golden in color,  the flavor is not as bold or rich as red king crab. Golden king crab generally have less crab meat yield than red king crab. Very abundant , Golden King Crab is often available fresh rathr than cooked like red king crab. For this reason, chefs often request Alaskan golden king crab legs.